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Revive Power Washing and Restoration


Re-vive (ri-viv’) v.

  1. To bring back to life or consciousness.
  2. To impart new health or vigor to.
  3. To restore to use, or activity.


  1. If you get into the shower with no soap, or shampoo, the best you can do is rinse
  2. If you took a dirty pair of jeans and a bar of soap and put them in your dishwasher, they would probably come out cleaner than they went in.
  3. “Too much pressure” applied to anything will cause damage or pain.
  4. Pressure washers are only there to speed up the rinsing process.

Revive Power Washing Inc. has the knowledge and experience to know what detergent to use on what substrate, to get the surface clean without causing damage. We know how to clean your tiles, grout, cement/concrete, buildings, windows and doors. If it’s dirty, we can restore it to its original luster.

Revive is an environmentally conscious company that is concerned with its impact on the water system. Any water that goes down the storm drain goes directly into the lakes and streams. This is why water recovery is part of our process when required.